About Us

Jyotishkart.com  is the principal astrology doorway in India that provides users with accurate predictions for various aspects of life! Jyotiskart.com is also the only platform to connect with the celebrated team of astrologers of  “Shri Vishwavijay Panchang” – most revered and respected name in the field of astrology an almanac making.

 Each and very horoscope is personally examined by the editorial staff of Shri VishwaVijay Panchang, Solan (Himachal Pradesh)

Shri Vishwavijay panchang was founded by PtShri Hardev Sharma Trivedi (just Goggle about him to know about his Astro-Greatness :P ), who is considered and acknowledged as the greatest astrologer of modern times (Not just us, but almost every Astrologer, Palmist, Politician and even the "Founding Fathers" of our Country say so)

 We cast your horoscope with the most accurate and advance algorithms and interpretation for predictive purpose is done by the family of Shri Hardev Sharma Trivedi.

Shri Vishwavijay Panchang advised President of India for the "Muhurat" of Indian Independence, based on which 15th August Midnight was decided as the date and time to sign declaration of independence.

P.S. We request you to chill and trust us because:

"Founding team and core team of Jyotishkart comprises of individuals having 60+ years of experience in Astrology, 5+ years of experience in E-commerce to give you best user experience"

Meet our team:


Honorary Advisor: Pandit. Sudhakar Sharma

Over 60 years of experience in astrology and Panchang (Almanac) making. Considered as an "Institution By Himself" in astrology. Chief Editor of many journals and publications including "Shri VishwaVijay Panchang". A cool head. Out of box thinker! A Foodie yet fitness freak!







Founder and Chief Astrologer: Rohitashw Trivedi

Over 18 years of experience in Astrology! Almanac maker! Assistant Editor of " VishwaVijay Panchang"! A fashion student and fashion retail entrepreneur. Loves to travel and cook. 



Head of Marketing : Chinki Ratan

MBA from a top notch B-School. 5-6 years of experience of work with MNCs in marketing and finance strategy. A loving Mother! Bossy Wife! Damn Creative!


Strategist: Chetna Shambhu

Brains behind "Strategy" and " Branding" of Jyotishkart. Lady with elegance, class and some serious grey matter! Decades of experience at various top-notch corporate postions. Best "Cook" ever, speciality: Dosa!

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